Site Mender Remains Prepared to Assist During a Disaster

With soon-to-be Hurricane Laura heading towards northwest Gulf Coast, we wanted to make sure our customers knew that we were prepared to withstand any disaster so your websites remain running and updated as need be. Given the current situation, we thought it would be helpful to spell out some of our mitigation efforts.


For clients who do host their websites with us, our hosting provider partners are located in Washington state and Ohio, well clear of any potential issues. All customer files (website or otherwise) are backed up via our private server cloud.


In the event a direct hit from the storm, our offices will close beginning Thursday and re-open, weather permitting, Monday. We will, however continue to work remotely and provide maintenance requests as needed. However, please note that there could be some longer-than-usual delays to complete requests depending on the situation.

Current Projects

We have a packed schedule of projects at the moment, but as much of our staff works remotely already — and only two of us are located in Houston — we don’t anticipate any significant delays for existing projects underway. We will let you know if and when things change.

As of writing this on Monday, it appears Houston MAY be spared the worst of it, but we’ve been on the Gulf Coast for a long time and know the risks. As such, we are well prepared and ready to continue to provide support for your business. Thank you and stay safe!

24 August 2020