Holistic SEO: The Appropriate Marketing Approach for Your Business

Holistic SEO pulls everything together in one cohesive online marketing strategy.For many businesses, the sledgehammer approach is the most effective way to market a business, especially online. Pour money into it. Hammer the message home. Engage through saturation. But, not all businesses can afford it. More importantly, many don’t want to. Some, attorneys and doctors, for example, are limited by ethical standards. If your business requires a more deft approach to marketing itself online, holistic SEO might be a better solution.

It’s first important to understand that, when it comes to your website, everything is cumulative. As your website ages, so will its connection to the rest of the internet. Other websites will link to it. Search engines will find and list it. For the most part, that happens naturally through the gradual process of time.

But, effective online marketing requires a more targeted approach. That is where search engine optimization, social media and other forms of online marketing come in. B2C companies like restaurants or retail shops are well suited to blanket marketing, social media in particular. It allows them to engage their audiences en masse. But, for B2B organizations, it’s hard to imagine the CEO of a corporation deciding on a new vendor because of a post on Facebook (though it has been known to happen on occasion).

As a result, we often use a holistic SEO approach for those customers. What exactly does that entail? Good question.

  • Traditional Search Engine Optimization
  • Encouraging Offline Marketing
  • Value-Added Content on All Networks
  • Disciplined Data Tracking

First, we do traditional SEO. No one will find your website through a search unless this happens. It is the core of any good online marketing approach and essentially a must-do if you want to be found on the web.

Second, we encourage our clients to include their website in all their offline marketing tools. Tell people to visit the website. Make the address prominent on collateral. Feature it in print and media ads.

Third, we ask customers to think about content that is good for their customers. This could be direct email marketing campaigns, writing articles for publications in your field of expertise or simply posting things on your personal social networks. Any way to engage potential customers with words and links back to the website help.s

Finally, we want businesses to learn more about their customers. Don’t just expect Google Analytics to tell you what you need to know. Ask people! Survey your new customers on how they found you. Be specific. Compile that information and use it to better target others like them in the future.

Online marketing is about the long game. It’s like the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. A diet may take off weight, but it is unlikely to last. Holistic SEO is designed to change the way you think about your website and its place in your marketing. It places your website in the proper context as one critical component of your marketing strategy. The end result is a slow, steady performer that can benefit your business for years to come.

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