Four Ways to Improve Your Website During a Pandemic

Working from home during a pandemic - keeping clients attention with your website.The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to think differently. For those with the option of working remotely, it has created a whole new set of challenges. Fortunately, your website can help.

One of the great benefits of a website is its ability to remain stable during a crisis. It helps your business open even though your office is closed. With a few updates and changes, you can keep your customers informed and your staff accessible. And with minimal effort or expense.

Client Engagement Through Timely Updates

Customers want to know that, even during a pandemic, they can rely on you to be available when they need them. One way to demonstrate your availability is through timely updates to your website. Websites should be updated with regularity. During a crisis, your website may be your best line of communication with customers. Provide regular updates. Use pop-up windows for important announcements. Let them know you are there even if things are a little different right now.

Internal Company Communications Streamlined

With staff potentially quarantined at home, the website can be a great way to exchange information. Email is great as are tools like Slack, but if you need to communicate with a broad stroke, a website portal could be your best tool. Check to see which employees are logging in regularly. Post information about company initiatives. Share employee emergency contact information. Help keep up morale even if your staff isn’t in the office with you. It’s like having a back office network available from anywhere at any time.

Resources for Customers Readily Available

If the service or product you provide is directly impacted by the pandemic — and what isn’t? — create a page with resources helpful to your customers. Give them information and tools they will need to weather the storm. More than links to the CDC, your company can apply its expertise to the problems at hand and share them with a hungry audience. And it’s a great way to demonstrate your commitment during difficult times.

Instant Responses to Customer Inquiries Automatically and On-Demand

Far beyond mail forms, create auto responses for customers or even add a chat app to your website. Your clients can get immediate, interactive feedback and not feel like you are unavailable. Everyone understands the challenges this pandemic has created. Many people are working remotely. But that shouldn’t change your customer’s perception of your business, particularly if your responsiveness is as good or better than normal.

Your website is an outstanding tool during a pandemic to keep your business moving forward and your staff on point. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your website work for you.