About Site Mender

At its core, Site Mender is a customer service business, helping clients through a range of website design and maintenance issues and fulfilling their long term marketing goals.

We got our start in Houston, Texas in 2001 as website design and development company Two Roads Media and rapidly grew. We found ourselves with loads of clients, many with the same issues of ineffective websites and vendors who were unable to provide needed services before AND after launch.

For over a decade, we helped our clients in a range of industries build and maintain their websites, receiving glowing reviews and maintaining extremely high client retention rates. We began to realize there was a gap in the marketplace. Very few companies wanted to provide the important work of great web design combined with world class website maintenance and customer service. It was the perfect match.

In 2015, we launched Site Mender to re-brand ourselves and provide an expanded range of services that included a full range of services from web design and WordPress development to full-time website maintenance, hosting and SEO, all with stellar customer services. With nearly two decades of experience with clients in Houston, our home base, across Texas the U.S and even Europe, we have the ability to give you what you need: a great website EXPERIENCE from top to bottom.

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