5 Common Website Design Questions Asked When Building a Website

common website design questionsFor nearly 20 years, we have been creating beautiful website design, providing web development and website maintenance services for customers. A lot has changed but many of the website design questions remain the same. Sure, everyone wants to know how much it will cost and how long it will take. But, when it comes to the website design, the same topics often come up again and again.

Website Design Questions Answered

Can you make the logo bigger?

Obviously, we CAN, but the more important question is should we? In fact, we wrote an entire blog post on the subject of integrating your logo into your website. The quickest way to understand best practices for logo size is to simply look around at other websites. Most of them keep their logos fairly low profile mainly because people already know they are on your website. They don’t need to be reminded with a giant logo in their face on every page.

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Can you justify the text?

Similar answer to the first question: we can, but should we? This request most frequently comes from attorneys and law firms used to justified text on legal documents. It looks nice and clean with margins even on both sides. The problem is that the internet isn’t a piece of paper. Text has to adjust to the size of the screen. The result can be less than optimal results when trying to justify your text. For example, you may end up with five lines of perfectly justified text and one line with four words on it spread across the screen (see below) or even just odd spacing in different parts of a paragraph. The best solution is to avoid it except in very limited circumstances.

Text justification is a topic of website design questions.

Can we have a slideshow/banner on the front page?

Of course you can! However, keep in mind a couple things. First, the average person only spends a few seconds looking at the front page of a website. So, if you are going to do a slideshow, better make it brief. We recommend no more than three images and, if possible, randomize them so each visitor gets a unique first image experience. Second, make sure it is really worth it. If you have three great images or (even better) three great images paired with three equally great and important (and unique!) messages, by all means go for it. If not, stick with one great photo and one great message.

Why is the website so tall? Won’t people stop scrolling?

Prior to the advent of the touch screen, scrolling was the enemy. Everyone looked at a website the same way, through a box that looked and was oriented like a television. With cell phones, it’s like a TV turned on its side. And with touch screens, scrolling has become second nature. It’s so commonplace now, “swipe right” has a meaning beyond the obvious. Even laptops have trackpads making scrolling easier and modern mice have wheels or trackable sensors. The bottom line is scrolling is no longer the website killer it once was. And that is great news because it means a whole new world of content real estate is available to you. Instead of having to cram everything on the front page into a little rectangular window, now you can roll it down the screen.

Why can’t we use this picture with white text on it?

Photos with text on them are great ways to display an important message. But, you must choose your images carefully. For example…

Photo backgrounds often come up in website design questions.

Note that the text is exactly the same on both images and both images are the same size, but what shows up well on the right photo is barely legible on the left. Why? Because background colors count. A photo that has a wide variance in color contrast makes for a difficult palette upon which to place a message. This is why you may see background images darkened or blurry. It allows the text to stand out and look good. So, when choosing photos, be mindful of those choices.

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26 July 2017