5 Reasons YouTube is Better Than Raw Video for Your Website

Why YouTube is better than raw video.Video has exploded online. Through services like YouTube, more companies are sharing their videos on their websites. Fast internet speeds and affordable cameras (even in phones!) make the process easy for users and content producers.

Still, we are regularly asked how to put raw video files on websites instead of embedding them through a streaming service.

Often, companies shy away from YouTube (and Vimeo among other streaming services), but why? Third-party applications that enhance the performance and look of your website should be embraced. YouTube is no longer just for cat videos. It’s an entire marketplace of streaming how to videos, news, entertainment and programming. There are good reasons to opt for it over raw video. Here are four.

YouTube is Fast

Your web server isn’t the same thing as a streaming video server. YouTube’s servers are optimized for fast, reliable performance. Video loads quickly in the background while you watch. Embedding video on your own website via a large file might sound like a good idea until you realize it could take minutes for a person to wait on the video to load. Through YouTube, it takes seconds.

Also, They Are Widely Compatible

Videos on YouTube can be shared across a wide range of mediums. Every browser, every phone, every social media outlet accepts them. There are no concerns about video not displaying properly and even fewer about how they will work on a slower connection. You can even watch them on your television! Raw video often has numerous compatibility issues, particularly with smart phones.

Everyone Knows How to Use YouTube

Ease of use is critical and virtually everyone uses YouTube. And we aren’t talking about YouTube.com. We mean the videos themselves. Everyone recognizes the big red play button, the volume and the full screen options. It has become commonplace, like shorthand for streaming video. The easier it is to use, the more likely people will be to actually watch it, which is sort of the point, right?

There Are Non-Public Options

Some companies are concerned about their videos being splashed across YouTube’s network. Fortunately, there are options for keeping your video off of the YouTube network even if it is still embeddable. If you want it completely private, you can do that too, although you can only share links to the video and not the videos themselves on your website.

It’s Free

One thing that can’t be beat when it comes to YouTube: the cost.

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3 October 2019